Charmaigne Weldon

Charmaigne Weldon is a proud First Nation woman originating from the Wailwan/Kamilori Nation. Charmaigne has have lived and worked in Sydney for the past 26 years, dedicating 20 years of her career to the fight against Domestic and Family violence.

Her strong Connections to Community are paramount for establishing strong working relationships with links to other communities and nations, appreciating and respecting and learning their cultural protocols. Her own personal experiences of domestic violence, has given her a voice, and nurtured a profound knowledge in this area.

Charmaigne is a strong believer in change needing to happen at grass root levels in our communities across Australia with; Aboriginal leadership, sharing an abundance of contentious energy and compassion, to encourage change for Aboriginal women to reach out to services, for help to stop the violence in their lives. Moreover, she is a strong believer in the feminist philosophies and the arching principles of human rights to allow women and young girls to strive for positive changes and to achieve a life free to walk upon this earth free from harm and violence.