Bronwyn Penrith

Bronwyn Penrith is a widely respected Aboriginal Woman who has a lifelong commitment and engagement with her Community. She holds the Family responsibilities of a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, and is a recognised kinship Carer. She is a recognised Elder by her Community.

As well as her Position as Senior Director Burbangana Group a private consulting company  and a member of Supply Nation.  She is Chairperson of Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women Centre in Chippendale and a Director of the Redfern Foundation Ltd. She is also a past member of Women representatives on local, state and National levels. And is a current member of the City of Sydney Aboriginal Advisory Panel.

Bronwyn is a trained facilitator experienced in Community education workshops, cultural awareness and Mentor and a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, of long standing, with the Australian Government Department of the Attorney General. And on the NSW legal aid Mediators Panel, in family law and including Care & Protection Mediation.

In addition to the former work experience Bronwyn is an advocate of lifelong learning and has qualifications in area that include Indigenous Governance and – Mentoring through Diversity;  Project Management and can include Trauma Informed Care work.

Much of her work is in a voluntary capacity and She has recently been recognised for her voluntary delivery of series of Lateral Violence Workshops at the Women Centre.

Bronwyn is the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women Alliance NSW  representative. Natsiwa have identified Gendered Violence, Aboriginal Women in Business  as priorities  and issues impacting on Aboriginal Women and our Communities.

A Board member of Womens Legal Resources NSW

And also member of the NSW Women Legal Resource Centre  Aboriginal Women Consultative Network.

In June, 2016, Bronwyn fulfilled the role of Elder of the “Building Better Lives for Ourselves’. Conference of 100 A&TSI Women bought together by PM&C .

She is on a journey of Reclaiming Culture, and is a Student of Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Nation Building at Charles Sturt University. Through language, and Cultural Practice, last year Bronwyn led the Making of a Possum Skin Cloak at Mudgin-gal Women Centre the first sewn by local community Aboriginal Women hands in 200 years. Through Mudgin-gal  Bronwyn initiated an invitation for Aboriginal women to reclaim their  Corroroboree and Ceremony

This preparation for Ceremony to which over 60 Women responded, from Grandmothers and daughter and granddaughter and great Grandaughters

Furthermore, Bronwyn is deeply connected to Country, and recently, travelled to her home Country, to witness the first Traditional Burn of Country in that area since the coming of the Whites population to the Brungle Valley.

She is an avid reader and likes to stay up to date with current politics.